Exterior home 'Green' Features

  • Windows have a low air-infiltration value, with a low-e, dual glazing system to provide high insulation value and minimize solar heat gain.
  • The walls, roof and foundation perimeter of the homes have insulation values that are higher than building code requirements.  Wall insulation is a blown-in product that insulates into the small and tight spaces between the wall studs.
  • Many building materials used contain recycled content including the gypsum wallboard, carpet and insulation.
  • The fiber cement board siding is a durable cladding product with recycled content.
  • Termite shields were included at the base of exterior walls to assist in preventing pests.
  • Roofing is Energy Star® rated to reduce heat gain within the homes and lessen impacts of the heat island effect. 

LEED for Homes

Blue Sky Meadows is seeking LEED certification by USGBC for achievement in green homebuilding and design. LEED for Homes is a green home certification program that rewards homes that are designed and built to be energy- and resource-efficient and healthy and durable for the occupants. LEED-certified homes complete a technically rigorous process that often includes a home energy (HERS) rating and onsite inspections to verify that the home is built to be energy and water efficient, environmentally sound, and a healthier place to live.

Interior home 'Green' Features

  • 95% high efficiency furnaces and 16 SEER air conditioners
  • Water efficient washing machines
  • HVAC equipment is controlled with programmable thermostats
  • High efficiency hot water heaters
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures are used to reduce water consumption and help conserve resources
  • Energy Star® rated ceiling fans and interior light fixtures with energy-saving fluorescent lamps
  • Energy Star® rated appliances
  • Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans are ducted to the exterior in order to help reduce humidity and improve indoor air quality.
  • Energy Star® rated dryers
  • In order to provide high indoor air quality in the homes, low VOC interior finishes such as paint, grout, carpet, hard-surface flooring and adhesives were used.